Top Primate Boxing classes focus on the mechanics of key punches, defensive skills, technique, tactics and rhythm – encompassing all the key elements of boxing in a controlled and safe environment. Our expert boxing coaches will assist you in shadow-boxing, footwork, partner drills, handpad and bag work, as well as provide the option to take part in sparring sessions.

Our classes are also perfect for those looking to lose weight, tone up the entire body, de-stress, improve their fitness and to dramatically improve their overall health and mental toughness.

Our coaches are qualified under England Boxing and highly experienced, having produced several professional & amateur champions.



Top Primate kickboxing classes are perfect for both beginners and those who intend on competing. Our style is a hybrid of Dutch Kickboxing and Muay Thai, teaching from the ground up and developing a student through a striking system that has been tested at the highest levels of competition.

These are primarily smaller classes where instructors can tailor the class around the various class levels. We focus on both the fundamentals of striking as well as their application in competition. We teach basic padwork and offer students the opportunity to attend sparring sessions.