London is an exciting and vibrant place to live, but can also be dangerous, especially for women. Top Primate has put together a self-defense course for women, which takes place every Saturday at 2pm in Crouch End.

The course is designed and presented by Rowan Katzew, who is a highly experienced martial artist, professional boxing & MMA Coach. With over a decade of operational experience as a private security contractor in South Africa, Rowan has combined his knowledge of martial arts and hand to hand combat with; a

This course is not a quick fix, but will provide a comprehensive introduction to self protection, covered in three modules, over six weeks – every Saturday in Crouch End. There are reality based workshops that get straight to the point and will be incredibly valuable to any female's that are serious about learning to protect themselves

- Situational Awareness

- Urban Combatives

- Combat Conditioning


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