Short Documentary on Fighter: Mark Kamba

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Head Coach Rowan Katzew training actor Idris Elba

"Luther star Idris Elba proves he’s a real knockout after showcasing his boxing talents to a group of fighters.

The Hollywood actor impressed trainers with his natural skills on a trip to a South African gym.

Idris jumped into the ring with professional fighters and gave them a run for their money, the Sunday People reports.

Impressed by the display, trainer Rowan Katzew said at 43 the actor is in top shape, and could even carve a career in the sport."


Tony Mayala wins WBF All African Welterweight Title 

Top Primate Fighter and Coach Tony Mayala came in as a massive underdog in late 2016 to beat Jarred Silverman for the WBF All African Welterweight Title.